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The Skins Maker System And Other Useful Features In Pixel Gun 3 D Game

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There are a lot of useful features in the game which makes it favorite among players who want to play intense action games. As if the available ones were not enough, the developers try to implement and introduce better and newer features to make the game even a better experience to gamers like you. Now you can make your character attractive and impressive to look at as you can customize it with the Skins Maker feature. You can make your skin now for your created pixel character if you do not want to use the ones that are provided along with the game.

The New Contents

All new and interesting contents are now available in the multiplayer level which is always a better option to choose while playing Pixel Gun 3 D Game.

  • New maps like Stadium and Emperor Palace are included in the already humongous list of maps in the game.
  • Newer and better weapons like laser lance, Double Dragon and many others are included in an already overwhelming arsenal.
  • New gadgets like fire crackers and pets like the mythical beat found during the tournament are added to make things even more challenging.

New And Improved Features

Apart from the old and already existing ones you can also find some new and improved features which will take the Pixel Gun 3 D gaming experience to the higher level.

  • Based on the level of your skill, you will be matched with players of equal skill level with the new matchmaking feature.
  • You can also find new weapons mechanic, Charm and also get special prizes that are included for tournament winners.
  • The training has been reworked and improved along with all the bugs fixed and all unpopular maps removed.

Main Features Of Story Mode

The story mode of the Pixel Gun 3D game is also a very useful one to play for its innovative and useful features which will help you to play the game effectively as well.

  • You have a lot of different locations that are unique to play and fight other pixel warriors.
  • The kinds and forms of enemies are also improved and made better and interesting along with the variety and specifications of the weapons.
  • The plot is kept like that of colorful and attractive comic book which tells the real story behind the pixel gun.

General Features And Requirement

The general features of the game are very useful, and that is the primary reason for the popularity of the game. There are millions of players that are in love with more than 35 map locations, 100 different kinds of weapons in the arsenal great HD graphics and equally attractive sound effects. You will require having a steady stock of resources in your hand so that you can use it whenever necessary. There are a lot of ways in which you can generate resources. The inbuilt activities and challenges offered are a good source of such resources though you can use the pixel gun 3d tips for the same purpose.

Tips to Command the Army at Each Level of the Game

The Mobile Strike mobile game is an exciting game that helps you to defend your territory and fight against the enemy. You have to lead your troop to fight against your enemies and build a good base that can protect your army.

mobile strike review

Commanding Position

The Commander is the main person who leads the army. The commander has to be included in the base or for deployment so that the boosts remain active. Whenever the commander moves on into the next level, you will receive skill points. When the commander skill tree gets the skill points you can get the boost that is required by your base or your army. The tree has boosts for the battle on the left and the base economics on the right. Make sure that your commander stays alive as the boosts will stop once the commander is dead. When you strike the enemy troop, you have to kill the entire troop to capture the commander. The captured commander can be held hostage for three days. Only then can you execute him at HQ level 15. The best gears are available at level 50 of the commander level. However with the levels updated to 60, there are unique gears that are available only after level 50. On attacking rebel targets using your commanders, you can find many resources and materials at these rebel targets. Enemy commanders when captured could be renamed. However the owner can reverse the name again once the commander is released. However the Locked Commander Rename is a feature that locks the enemy commander’s name for a particular duration of days.

After Commander Level 50

The commander level after 50 gets new skill points that can be added to the commander skill tree. At levels 51 to 55, your skill points get increased to 20 along with an extra rebel skill point. When the level crosses 55, you get additional boosts like boost in troop load, a bonus rally attack and an increase in troop queue. However you require a commander XP of more than 500 million as well as a commendation when you reach level 51; for level 52 you require one more billion of commander XP and for level 53, the commander XP increases to 1.5 billion.

Preset slots for the Commander

The new addition to the Mobile Strike mobile game is the commander preset slots which helps to shift between the commander skill that is preset and the equipment. Presets help to save time as they help to switch over from attack to research build and vice versa on tapping the button. These presets help in attack by using the skill and battle gear required and alternating it with setting research timer for the research. The defense and attack preset help to switch over especially during urgent moments of attack wherein you don the attack gear and the defense wherein you don the defense gear.

The game is exciting as you gather more gold and boost and other resources as you win every war and attack with good strategies. You can also win these resources through mobile strike hack apk in order to proceed in game without any difficulty.

How To Run Beneficial Commercial Activities In Simcity Buildit?

simcity buildit review

The city mayor has to perform many duties to run the city effectively. He should be able to make the profit through various trade activities. If the factories are not well equipped or upgraded they take so much time to produce essential goods to full fill the requirements of the citizens. It increases the important of trading of commodities in the Global Market. It is the best trading point and earning more and more profit.  Keenness of mayor will increase the chances of getting beneficial transactions of exchanging the goods in the international market.

When to start doing business in the Global Market

Mayor should be able to manage the minimum level of city population, it should be more than or equal to 8000. The moment city cross this number of population Global market option becomes active and allows you to make deals for making profit.  Important fact is that without meeting the target of minimum population trading is not possible on the universal level.

Cost effective purchase from international market

Mayor can only make profit when is able to acquire the goods at low cost. Many a time production of such goods is very costly and time consuming in the industry. In spite producing them it is better to buy them at low cost from the available stock in the international market. Time saving is the biggest benefit of these transactions. Mayor should make sure that basic needs of citizens should be full fill every time. Availability of such commodities will ensure that all the citizens of city are happy. In addition to this some time you can buy such product at lower rates and can sell them when there is short of supply. It will give you can opportunity to make higher amount of profit.

simcity buildit tricks

Make comparison before making a sale

It is not wisely recommended to make sale without making proper estimation of the profit. Usually manufactured goods in own factories should not be sold swiftly. Effective management in this regard is also expected form the City Mayor. There is a better option available, store them for the further requirements. It is very hard to get higher profit for the essential commodities. So these items should be stored in the City Storage. Raw material can be very help for the reproduction of the other costly items which are highly in demand not only in your city but also in others cities.

Which products are center of the attraction for International traders

Mayor should have deep understanding of the trading goods.  Many items can be sold in the international market easily. Items related to metal, wood, plastic, minerals, textiles, chemicals, are few of them. In addition to these there are lots of other items like cement, glue, bricks, hammer, measuring tapes, utensils which can help you to earn good profit.

Increasing the business transactions

Simoleons are required in bulk quantity to make big and more profitable deals. At the time of making big purchases extensive quantity of Simoleons should be considered. One effective tool namely SimCity BuildIt Hack Apk can help you in this.

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